For Beginners – Top 10 Tips for Surviving the RV DUMP...

For Beginners – Top 10 Tips for Surviving the RV DUMP STATION


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  1. Tip regarding filtering the fresh water: I would suggest that the filtration needs depend on the source. At home, we have excellent city water that we fill with before we leave. I've found that if we use a charcoal filter when filling, the water tends to start growing algae and turns funky between trips of it sits for more than a week or two. This is likely due to the fact that charcoal filters tend to pull the bulk of the chlorine out of the water. Obviously if the fresh water source is an untreated well, the need is different.

  2. Thanks for all your great videos!
    Another helpful gadget I've been using while dumping is a 90° sewer hose end connector! It really helps with the flow where the sewer line enters the ground.
    Keep up the good work and safe travels!

  3. My little travel travel does not have a built in rinse out function. But I found a great little flush out connector that I use (with a dedicated rinse out only use hose) that does a great job. I also take much pride in my management of the waste tanks. Thank you for your great videos. I enjoy watching them and always learn a few things.

  4. I've had three dreams in my life. First, I wanted to marry Raquel Welch. She might be dead for all I know. Second, buy a Ferrari. I've been saving all my life. After my divorce, my ex will be buying the Ferrari. Third, buy an RV and travel the country. Summers in the great Northwest and winters in AZ, FL or somewhere warm. At this point, my finances will allow me to buy an old station wagon with a fold down backseat and drive to the KOA in Michigan  (I live in Toledo OH). As a result, I live vicariously through YouTube videos and came across yours last night. Definitely the best RV camping vids on YouTube. Thanks for letting me live out my dream….sort of lol.

  5. Your tip of using hand sanatizer, forget it. It is not save to use. I was aware of this but i think you should check this. But the rest of the video is great. Thanks from a hopefully upcoming rv-er.

  6. Great video guys, greatly appreciate all you do to educate everyone. Just curious, with all your years of travel, what RV is your first choice if you were unable to get an Airstream?

  7. What, Sean doesn't do his own laundry?? The horror!

    And now for my actual comment. ahem.
    Once upon a time, when we had our RV, I found it beneficial to dump our (used and soapy) dishwater down into the toilet. The sinks were of a size that I could fit in a small plastic wash basin (I think that was what it was called) which not only kept me from scratching up the sink, but then helped to keep from filling up the grey tank too quickly by then being emptied into the toilet.
    This practise also helps add much needed extra liquid to the tank, and the soapiness of the water keeps the tank from getting "things" stuck to the sides..
    The one thing to be careful of is, do make sure there is only dirty dish water in the basin. I'm pretty sure I lost at least one knife down the toilet. Unless it got left outside at a camp-site somewhere. We'll never know.

  8. Great video……. we use the same filter and then a under-the-sink filter as well. We bought the generator you have/recommended……great!! Thanks for the videos……we learn so much from you two. Ken and Nancy in Vegas

  9. As always, great job on the video. Very helpful information and I'm glad you mentioned using a separate hose for black tank flushing. Keep the videos coming. Thanks

  10. You were wearing gloves when you hooked up the stinky-slinky. And you were wearing gloves when you hooked up the freshwater hose. Were those the same gloves?? (Just wondering… )

  11. this is good info if you are traveling a lot. However, if you are the typical weekend camper, like I am, I bring 5 gallons of water with me so I can dump it in the toilet right before i leave the campsite. This way it can slosh around and loosen up the big stuff and then when you dump, it all goes out.

  12. Good info! Another tip I've learned is to connect a clear piece to your sewage hose so that when you flush your black tank, you can tell when the water is clear and the in-tank washer is not still working on a piece stuck to the wall, haha.

  13. when i was a kid in 1988 we were traveling through death valley over 100'o on our first cross country trip in an old Winnebago chieftain with a full black tank the smell was so bad we had to dump it on the side of the road cause every one was dry heaving my dad said learned my lesson dump often …. lol

  14. love you guys, and would love more frequent videos! my hubby and i are going to buy an rv very soon and we welcome any and all input and advice from veteran rv-ers. 🙂 we've had an rv trip once recently, and we like to over-plan, over-learn, etc. so you guys are a wealth of knowledge. anything would be great. :)

  15. Great video on turd wrangling. We usually stay in parks with full hook ups, but a few time I have had to use a dump station. Didnt seem like that big of deal. The wife seems to enjoy looking at the clear elbow trying to decided whos was whos….lol Keep up the good vids. Enjoy watching you guys.

    Happy travels !!

  16. I noticed you wore gloves working with the drinking water hose – but then I saw they were blue trim and the gloves you wear with black/grey water work were grey trim. I figure those gloves never meet.