For Beginners: HOW TO BREAK DOWN AN RV CAMPSITE and Hit the...

For Beginners: HOW TO BREAK DOWN AN RV CAMPSITE and Hit the Road! (11 Steps!)


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  1. We always empty the black and gray tanks and then put 4 gallons of water in each with some dawn soap. Helps clean the inside of all tanks as we drive. Not heavy enough to feel the weight but the solid waste accumulated in the corners of tanks gets cleaned out. First thing when we arrive, we drain the tanks. Lots of stuff comes out.

  2. I just watched your video and really appreciate all your advice. we are just beginning to start our journey by picking out of trailer. We will definitely take advantage of your videos on how to do certain things, knowledge is king when you are starting out doing something we have never done before. But my question is about your fur baby. When I saw her I almost melted she or he is adorable. I too will be travelling with a Chihuahua, she is about 6 years old and we will just start out weekends and weeks here and there as my husband is still working. What do you do with your baby when you are out walking or site seeing? Mine does not like a leash but she will just have to get used to it unless I get a carrier for her. We are older so our hiking won't be long trips. I have read that you are not supposed to leave them unattended in your trailer. We will take he with us when ever we can but know there will be times she will need to stay by herself she just sleeps. Just asking if you have run into any issues travelling with her

  3. Remember when hauling water, it isn't how much your truck can haul, it is about the axle/tire weight limits. (GVWR) I've known people who weigh there RVs with empty tanks and felt good because they're under the limits. Then they fill their 50 gallon water tank and, at 8.5lb per gal., added 450 lbs on their axles. As far the water splashing around, that is why they now put the tanks directly over the axles on trailers. My first trailer (made in 1968) had the water in the back. Tailwagger.

  4. Some questions and a suggestion for you:
    — I've been very careful to avoid contaminating the end of my fresh water supply hose when connecting/disconnecting from the trailer. Noted you left yours laying on the ground. Any concerns?
    — From a friend check list that I've adapted for my own and a practice you have, re closing the curtains/blinds. I'm unable to think of a rationale for this practice. Anything you can offer?
    — Suggestion: use some kind of a "flag" tied to the TV antenna crank when the antenna is raised. I got several 6-8" "Remove Before Flight" reproductions (available on eBay). Hanging from the crank, I never forget to lower the TV antenna.

  5. Newbie from Columbus, OH. Slept in our new mini lite for the first time last night in the driveway. It got down to 31° but woke up warm and toasty.
    We have been watching your videos for a few weeks and enjoy the tips. Really enjoyed your video from Alaska. We flew there last June. It would be cool to go there with the TT.

    Do you have any advice on driving in the snow?

  6. You know I love your show, but now I'm on my second Tilley just for color! Stop the madness no more good stuff! LOL. I stopped for fuel in a class c pulled out and just  glanced in the mirror saw one very panicked wife with ice cream in her hand. I told her I was just getting out of the way. Thank God I looked in the mirror, no tellin. Love you guys. BTW headin out to the Virginia's soon so if you are in the area, beer on me.

  7. For whatever it is worth, I have found in life that when I "Feel" pushed, or stressed to do whatever, I SLOW DOWN. That seems to work well. Speed kills they say, so just slow down, even if the guy "in the golf cart" wants me to move faster.

  8. Love you guys, but I have a "Top Tip" for you! Test the electric brakes by doing a tug test. Every time we hook up and get ready to pull away, I do a tug test to lock down the trailer brakes and make sure that the hitch connections are tight. Granted we have a fiver, but I don't want to drop a trailer on the road! If it ever does happen " knock on wood" I rather it happen at a campground. Plus at every stop, check the hitch for any tampering. I never had a problem with this issue, however, working in the freight transportation world I have heard of some horror stories!

  9. We are going to the RV show in Ft Myers on the 20's of this month," I just reserved the hotel" to see if my wife likes an airstream, i would like to take a side by side with us so it's a travel trailer or a toy hauler. I emailed airstream to see if they were planning on making a bigger RV but they said no that the classic at 33 ft was there biggest for now. It only weighs 10,000 max so my truck can pull it and have a sxs on top of the bed. What you guys think "this is all hanging on my wife for now"She would not let me sell the house for a 50 ft catamaran so this is the next best thing.

  10. For those [mostly motorhomes] with slideouts, the formula is: Making Camp… Level FIRST, slides out. Breaking Camp… Slides IN, jacks UP! Many of the newer rigs won't even allow the slides to deploy without leveling first. AND: If you pull up your jacks before the slides, the slides won't retract… You have to level all over again to get them to move! 🙁

  11. After leaving a log splitter at camp one year I spray painted a bright color strip on all shovels, rakes, axes, etc. it really helps if you leave a tool on the ground, on the truck, or anywhere else. Especially if it's something you can't pack up the night before. Great tips. Thanks.

  12. I would add on the final walk around to re-check your Stop|Turn|Tailights. A trailer plug may get debris in it during a stay. I may not be noticed and get pushed deep into the contacts of the plug when you plug in. This will cause the contacts to spread leaving the taillight circuit open.

  13. Hi Guys,
    I noticed when you retracted your antenna that it was just like mine. Sort of difficult to crank and "herky Jerky". My crank handle eventually broke off and the little crank was expensive. So, here's a suggestion. Go buy a little aerosol of lithium grease. Attach the little tube and lube all the points on the antenna and it will go up and down smooth as can be.

  14. SAFETY ISSUE. In your video about backing up, you're very specific about the spotter not standing in the path of the tow vehicle. But in this video, Kristy is standing between the truck and the trailer where she could get squashed if Sean accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. You might want to amend this video and mention that warning again.

  15. Sean & Kristy – Another great video. One step I would add is to check your tires and lug nuts out. A quick pressure check, inspecting the tread & sidewalls, and finally a quick check of the lug nuts to see if any look loose or are missing. Put it right before or after your pulling of the chocks.

  16. First year camping left a whole toolbox on the picnic table. Did not remember it until I needed a tool to set up camp 350 miles away. Good tools too.

  17. I usually line up the tow vehicle with the coupler the night before (especially if rain in the forecast) to save time in the morning. If the ball is lower than the coupler I will back right under it. Also if the trailer will still be fairly level, I may raise the stabilizer jacks and actually hitch up the night before as the trailer will not move too much when on the ball. However, NEVER lower the tongue jack when hooked up like this as it is easy to forget to raise it in the morning.

  18. Next time you need holding tank treatment try Happy Camper… It is available from Amazon. There is no odor. You like me being from the Sunshine State things can really cook in the tanks. I use it in the black and gray tanks and there is no odor even when dumping. I am not affiliated with Happy Camper, othen than a very happy user.
    Interesting thing about the water tank. My tanks have baffles in them to stop the sloshing. We have a class C motorhome and to get a little better gas mileage we run with about 10 gallons of fresh water.

  19. Good video on breaking camp. We have a Diesel motorhome so the step is automatic upon starting the engine and the levelers sound a chime if you start up without them retracted, so those are not a problem. I use a colorfully painted close-pin on the TV antenna to prevent moving with it up. When the antenna is stowed the pin gets clipped to the winding crank, when it is cranked up the pin goes to the ignition key. Of course in a trailer there is no ignition key so the pin could be placed on the door handle or the screen door as a reminder. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  20. IMPORTANT Please don't stand between the tow vehicle and trailer when hitching. If chocked properly, the danger doesn't come so much from the trailer as the tow vehicle. While I know your foot will never slip off the brake, there may be some little obstacle that requires you to push on the accelerator and there's the danger. Not to trailer or truck but to the one standing there. I actually had a friend get hit that. He died from his injuries. So this is no small matter.

  21. With the two of you doing the work the one doing the final walk around on the outside should be the one who did the inside, after all you just did it, you "know" you did it. While she is doing that you should do a quick walk around the inside as well.

    Hmmm new product idea, open door alarm for the trailer sending a message to your phone.

  22. Always check all six sides of your trailer AND tow vehicle before moving: top, bottom and all four sides. On tow vehicle look for puddles under the engine. Check the tires on both trailer and tow vehicle. If something looks off confirm with a gauge. Use a tire gauge once a month, at a minimum. I have seen a laser heat gauge used on wheel bearings also (at gas stations and rest stops). This will work on tires also as under inflated tires get hot.

  23. Being a Yat from New Orleans (everybody greets everyone with, "whereyaat"), I couldn't help but notice the quick flash of a purple, green and gold feather mask.  Have you guys been to Mardi Gras?

  24. We are pre-beginners (we don't have our trailer yet) so could you just say another word about why you have to raise the scissor jacks before you raise the tongue? We were imagining if you raise the tongue the scissor jacks get raised too. (we can see how lowering would bend the jacks). Thank you

  25. I agree with the half full tank not being a good idea. My Rand/McNally Good sam RVGPS has lists stored in it for both break down and set up. I just carry it around with me for my walk around

  26. Hello I am in the process of researching what RV we want to buy. I would love to know why you guys chose an Airstream. I just got a Ram 2500 4×4 with a long bed to tow what ever we get. I have been watching every one of your videos to learn how to do this. I would also like to go to all the places you guys have been to. Is it possible to stay in Alaska for a month or two without Breaking the budget. On one of your videos you fueled up in Canada and it was really expensive,why don't you have a bigger fuel tank and another tank in the bed please any help that you give me is highly appreciated thank you and keep up the great work.